Born in Essex, a stones throw from Southend on Sea, it was Ian’s eye condition which by default naturally cropped the world around him, giving him a unique eye for capturing moments in time.

Ian became aware of the mechanics of photography as a child, fascinated with the magical box that froze the emotions which had transfixed his eyes onto a roll of film. It was after Ian’s school life, that his two greatest passions Photography and Art began to sculpt his life.

After spending his youth sketching and painting, silently observing the digital age, Ian began his journey with professional photography in mid 2000, channelling his passion into portraiture and thought provoking scenes; often incorporating the strength of British architecture.

Using photography as a tool, as a form of compensation for his lack of sight, Ian is able to utilise the lens of the camera, rather than his own, to sensitively capture the beauty and distortion of the world around him, which due to degenerative blindness, he is unable to see.

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